China Innovative Design

China is not normally the first country that pops into your mind when thinking about innovative design. But, actually China is extremely innovative with their product designs. They can take a well designed product and figure out how to make it less expensively. This may involve changing components, changing materials or even changing specifications to make a product look the same, perform the same and cost less. This is an important part of the innovation process and this is what Chinese are extremely talented at.

Of course innovative design is the not the same as creative design. If you want a Chinese engineer to try and come up with creative solutions to solve a problem than you are asking them to do something they are not trained to do. They will normally try to rehash something they have seen before if they don’t outright copy something they have seen before. This all comes down to their education system where they are rewarded for memorization much more than for creative thinking. As long as you know this in advance than you can work with the Chinese engineers, with realistic expectations, to solve your problems, whether design related or not.

When designing products in China, either with your supplier, an engineer or a designer you need to be prepared to come up with creative solutions on your own. You need to ask lots of questions to find out their capabilities. Your creative questions will inevitably lead you towards a creative design and if you push the envelope with your supplier than they may actually be able to help you, but this must be instigated from your side. Once your creative design process is completed than leave it to the Chinese innovative thinking to help you to get your product manufactured at a competitive price.

One problem that a lot of Western companies have when coming to China is that they do not understand the real manufacturing process. It is great to design some very fancy looking product, but if it cannot be manufactured in a standard process at a reasonable price than there is no point to all that fancy design. We have years of experience in innovative design here in China. We can show you exactly how to take your product or even your idea and turn it into a product that can be manufactured in China at your price target and expected quality level.

Please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you with Innovative Design in China.

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